Ellie & BeautyThis is truly my heartthrob…the miracle of conception, development of a fetus, and the excitement of parturition!!  I have had the blessed privilege of being present, assisting, and coaching several births including my Sister, Sister in law,  friends, daughter in law to cats, dogs and horses!  I have been present during all four of my horse babies’ births and have assisted a little during two of them. I absolutely LOVE it!

What we provide here at Painted Blessings Ranch for Mare care and foaling is a very clean 12’ x 28’ stall fully matted with straw for parturition (wood pellets and shavings beforehand), camera monitoring 24/7, quality hay with constant supply of clean fresh water, daily turnout and exercise, grooming with lot’s of love and, of course, occasional treats!  I have a discerning way of knowing when it’s time, not to mention the experience and knowledge of recognizing the signs of parturition. 

Angel & HerculesAt birth I believe in the importance of modest imprinting.  This gives the Mare a chance to recover a little from the birth, and introduces the foal to human contact.  After a period of time (according to my intuition per individual Mare & Foal) I will step back and allow the Mare and Foal to bond.  This is one of the most precious moments of the whole experience, when the Mare knickers so softly to her new baby!  Each time I enter the stall for feeding etc…I will handle the foal to continue the ground training and to insure the human bond.  I have a very careful eye, and usually pick up on any unusual behavior that could indicate a health problem.  Your Mare and Foal will be in the very best hands for their emotional, physical and nutritional needs!

I also offer my two Mares for on farm lease to Mother the Foal of your dreams!

Pule EatingEllie is a Sorrel Tobiano Paint Horse 8 years old and is a beautiful, kind, well balanced mother!  You might say she is cool, calm and collective when it comes to mothering a foal!   Her spirit is quiet and slow but when motivated is very excited to move out and loves the trail.  Her beautiful confirmation allows her to be very athletic and a very nice ride.  Her face and eye lend her to be a beauty queen not to mention her remarkable tail!!

Angel is a Bay Tri Color Tobiano Paint Horse, 13-years-old, and her name suits her well!!  She is the herd matriarch with dignity and sensitivity that lends her an amazing mother and leader!  She is a large bodied mare with a beautiful Head and neck & great leg and feet.  This mare was born to be a mother as she carries her babies so well and when parturition has arrived she is text book delivery with ease!!  This Mare LOVES to be a Mom! 

These Mares have given me four incredible babies of which I am raising and training currently.  You won’t be disappointed in what they will give you in a foal!


touching foal
foal in blanket

Just after birth

Paint mare and foal
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