PBR German Shepherd dogs are AKC registered & OFA certified hips/elbows, and are from West German & American bloodlines.

We are very proud of our breeding program, producing dogs that are intelligent, sound (of good health), beautiful, having great temperaments and make unforgettable family dogs!

If your ambitions are more competitive, our dogs are versatile enough for the show ring, Schutzhund Training, or any other competitive training discipline!

Pedigrees and more information available by contacting Donna at 603.568.8482 or email at PaintedBlessings@tds.net.

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Breeding temperament, intelligence, soundness and beauty,
providing you with a German Shepherd dog you will love and never forget!

cute German Shepherd puppies
From Our Clients

Jesse is so amazing!! She is definitely celebrating her birthday week! She gets a whole week of princess treatment not just a weekend! The girl is the queen of our house. She just got her advanced training certificate tonight. I'm very proud of her! She's a really well behaved intelligent young lady and we love her to pieces. My veterinarian says she absolutely beautiful! As I write this to you I have tears in my eyes. I can't believe our girl is a year old! The best year of my life as a pet owner, I love her more than words can say!

Thank you Donna!



Maverick is such a wonderful boy Love him to death . He is awesome. He sleeps right beside me and just wants to be with me all the time. He is just such a loving person {dog} shhh. I won't call him that!

Thank you Donna!


Hi Donna! I just want to tell you how much we LOVE this girl. She is sweet, lovely, smart, and does GREAT when we take her out or have lots of people over. The only thing is she doesn't like being left alone . Thank you for spending so much time with the pups, it really pays off!



Hello Donna - I cannot say adequately how much I love this dog, and what a fine job you did with the breeding. His temperament is solid, gentle and stable. I wish you could see him in class, he performs every command immediately and perfectly. I feel like a proud parent! The trainer uses him in group demos as the "how to" dog. Gideon loves him, so complies with military precision. What a smart boy!

Hugs, Dale

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